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3D Printed Valve Model for Quarter Turn

QTR is the exclusive North American Distributor for Valvitalia/DELTA Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves, Valvitalia/DELTA Lubricated Plug Valves, Valvitalia/VITAS Swing Check valves and Valvitalia/VITAS Expanding Gate Valves.

QTR has the knowledge and experience to design and fabricate any custom valve solution. From their 40+ years of industry expertise to skilled engineering staff, certified welders, fabricators, and machinists, to their API-6D certified facilities, QTR controls all aspects of valve modification and testing. Their extensive inventory of valves and actuators in their multiple U.S.-based warehouses ensure a quick delivery of your valve needs, from a standard valve to custom built applications.

Special thanks to David Orr at Quarter Resources, for allowing 3DPTX the opportunity to 3d print their prototype model.

Conjoined twin girls separated at Texas Children's

Complex procedure required a team of 75 at Texas Children's

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Photo: Allen Kramer

Houston doctors have successfully separated two identical twin girls conjoined at their chest and abdomen, a procedure so complex it required a multidisciplinary team of 75 staffers from eight specialties.

During a delicate seven-hour operation on Jan. 13, Texas Children's surgeons divided 13-month-old Anna and Hope Richards, who shared their chest wall, lining of the heart, diaphragm and liver. In addition, they had a large blood vessel connecting their hearts.

"We've thought about and prayed for this day for almost two years," Jill Richards, the girls' mom, said in a statement. "It's an indescribable feeling to look at our girls in two separate beds. We couldn't be more thankful to the entire team at Texas Children's for making this dream come true."



Texas Children's disclosed the surgery Monday. The family had requested no media coverage until now and are currently declining interview requests.

The separation surgery was only the second in Houston in more than 20 years. The previous one was nearly three years ago, when a team of more than 40 Texas Children's clinicians from seven specialties separated 10-month-olds Knatalye Hope and Adeline Faith Mata during a marathon 26-hour surgery. Previous separation surgeries in Houston were at Texas Children's in 1965 and 1992 and at Children's Memorial Hermann in 1997.

The Richards girls were born on Dec. 29, 2016, at Texas Children's Pavilion for Women, weighing a combined 9 pounds, 12 ounces, months after their parents first learned they were conjoined during a routine ultrasound in North Texas.

The family was referred to Texas Children's Fetal Center, where they underwent extensive prenatal imaging, multidisciplinary consultation and development of plans to achieve a safe delivery and postnatal care. They temporarily relocated to Houston.


Parallel Slide Gate (PSG) Seat-Protected Valves

IsoTech®, ValvTechnologies’ Parallel Slide Gate (PSG) Seat-Protected Valves, are the culmination of years of practical design enhancements and eliminating the restrictions of typically accepted norms in gate valve design. Here at 3D Print Texas, we had a chance to print a model of it. This project features our three printing technologies: FDM, PolyJet, and SLA as well as other components beyond the scope of 3D printing including: heat-inserts, nuts, bolts and screws. This is the largest valve model we've produced and is also the first project that incorporates a fully-functional hand-wheel that uses gears to raise and lower the gate of the valve. To top it off, we used a metallic-paint finish to resemble the real valve as much as possible.

ValvTechnologies is a committed partner in providing solutions to manage your process — saving time, money, and improving overall system efficiency. From standard applications to the most sophisticated, ValvTechnologies continues to provide solutions to manage severe service processes around the world.

MOGAS Isolator

Special thanks to the MOGAS family, for allowing us here at 3D Print Texas to produce the prototype models shown!


ISOLATOR 2.0 is a metal-seated, bi-directional floating ball valve for absolute isolation in specific mining, refining, chemical/petrochemical, power generation and pulp & paper applications. This ASME 150-600 Class valve withstands temperatures to 650° F, and its durable materials of construction and proven coatings reflect its lineage of a longer life cycle over time

ISOLATOR 2.0 will offer our customers even better product performance versus ISOLATOR as a result of design improvements. Moreover, since ISOLATOR 2.0 is made out of forged bar, it is available in a variety of material configurations including Titanium and Super Duplex to suit our customers' specific applications.

— Matt Mogas, President and CEO of MOGAS Industries, Inc MOGAS Industries, Inc. Launches ISOLATOR 2.0


MOGAS is known for partnering with its customers to meet the ever-increasing challenges of severe-service applications. Building upon their extensive field experience, they relentlessly pursue research & development breakthroughs in design, materials, coatings and other technologies to deliver the most-trusted, highest-quality valves in any industry. When a company works with MOGAS, every aspect of the experience is designed to provide the products, service, knowledge, and responsiveness needed to get the job done – on time, as promised.

Please contact MOGAS about their products and services. With sales and service centers in China, Australia, Canada, South America, Africa, The Middle East and Europe, as well as representatives and technicians in more than 40 countries, MOGAS is known for partnering with its customers to meet the ever-increasing challenges of severe-service applications.

Major Success at Valve World 2017

The Valve World Americas Expo & Conference 2017 here in Houston, Texas was a huge success with an incredible turn out! The event hosted 250 exhibitors, allowing valve and control companies from around the world to come together and showcase their respective products across all sectors of the industry. Two days of exciting workshops, engaging exhibits, and valve and fugitive emissions courses were all very well attended.

The Valve World Americas Expo & Conference 2017 proved to be very valuable for 3D Print Texas in showcasing how 3D printing can help in assisting companies in the valve & flow control industry with their sales, training and marketing departments. Many of our visitors were fascinated by the concept of this lightweight, cost efficient marketing solution! The event also allowed our team the ability to learn from the industries leaders in their markets in an outstanding platform prepared by the KCI-World Group. Additionally, we got the opportunity to allow participants in the Valve Essentials Course to utilize our cross-functional models as tools for their hands-on demonstrations.


Special thanks to Christopher Barnhill, Juan Lizcano and their team at Circor Energy, for giving our team at 3D Print Texas a chance to showcase our printed valve cutaways during Valve World exhibition.


We also want to send special thanks to Larry Herin, DB Meador and their team at GWC-Italia for the opportunity to showcase our 3D printed cutaway during their exhibition.


Hope to see you all at Valve World Americas Expo 2019!

Valve World Expo Americas

The Valve World Americas Expo will cover a variety of valve-related topics that are essential to today’s valve market. This event is an outstanding platform and great resource to the valve industry. The expo provides a unique opportunity for professionals across all aspects of the valve and flow control industry to come together to network, share insights and experiences, and resolve common challenges.

Our team here at 3D Print Texas is very excited for our first appearance in a major valve expo and conference event! Valve World Americas is an excellent opportunity for us to meet leading experts in the industry and learn more about their products. We are also excited for the opportunity to share the advantages of additive manufacturing in the valve industry and address some concerns associated with standard prototype models. 

We combine our innovative technologies with your existing product line in order to create a lightweight, cost efficient solution that will help you save money, increase efficiency, and eliminate inconveniences associated with the weight of standard cutaway valves. Additionally, lightweight and durable thermoplastic cutaways create an opportunity to drive your sales and initiate immediate customer feedback by allowing you to bring the product straight to your customer. They can also be utilized for training purposes, making it easier to educate your team across all business functions.

We invite you to visit us at booth 1347 where you’ll get a chance to:

  • Discover the cost benefits & cross-functionality of 3D printing in the valve industry
  • Experience hands-on demonstrations
  • View a display of our novelty models
  • Learn about the 3D printing process

We also encourage you to stop by GWC booth #1229 and CIRCOR booth #717 to check out some of the industry’s utilization of 3D printed valves manufactured by 3D Print Texas.


Lightweight Valve Model - The Full Process 


Mogas SC-3PC

Showcase model manufactured by 3D Print Texas

The SC-3PC is used in power plants for isolation of high pressure / high temperature applications.

The SC-3PC is used in power plants for isolation of high pressure / high temperature applications.

MOGAS is the leading manufacturer of severe service isolation and control ball valves for the most extreme applications in power, mining, oil & gas, refining, chemical/petrochemical and specialty industries.For over four decades, companies worldwide have been turning to MOGAS for severe service solutions. MOGAS is known for partnering with its customers to meet the ever-increasing challenges of severe-service applications. Building upon our extensive field experience, we relentlessly pursue research & development breakthroughs in design, materials, coatings and other technologies to deliver the most-trusted, highest-quality valves in any industry.

The SC-3PC has a three-piece body assembly with two proprietary body seals that allow the valve body to be easily removed while the end connections remain in line. The design also allows the valve body to be tested after repair, prior to insertion back in-line. MOGAS’s SC-3PC isolation valve is used in power plants for high pressure, high temperature applications. 

Visit MOGAS Industries, Inc. at RefComm 2017 and find out how you can reduce maintenance and eliminate valve related downtime.

For more information: Isolation ball valve for power: SC-3PC

GWC Italia

GWC produces a full line of API-6D Trunnion Mounted Ball valves in both two/three Piece Forged. We offer a full range of materials in carbon, alloy and stainless steel from general to severe in application, including Sub Sea.

GWC Italia SpA with its Headquarters in Milan, Italy designs, manufactures and markets valves with one of the most extensive lines you will find in the Industry today. GWC Italia SpA which is founded by an Italian Group & USA Entrepreneurial Management team, has become the Parent Company of the long standing GWC Worldwide Companies. This Italian & USA team has a history of building and managing successful valve manufacturing companies over the past 40 years. The valves manufactured in Italy will be complementary to the existing GWC line consisting of diversified flow control packages in a variety of alloys, trims, configurations, sizes and pressure classes, from general to severe applications. GWC Valves are used in major applications for Upstream and Transportation Segments of the Oil & Gas Industry, E&P, Petrochemical, Chemical, Mining/Minerals, Power, Marine and Industrial markets.

Size Range 2"-64" *Pressure Class ASME 150-2500 API 2000 -15000 / API Standards: 6D & 6A ASME B16.34

GWC Italia Spa products are designed, engineered and manufactured to exceed its customer’s stringent process requirements including API 6D, API 6A, API 6DSS, API 600, API 602, API 608, ISO 9001, PED,  ATEX, SIL 3 and TA – Luft.

Visit GWC Italia's Website

Please stop by and visit GWC ITALIA at Valve World Americas Expo 2017 Booth #1229!

For more information contact Larry Herin:

Halliburton Global Rapid Intervention Package (GRIP℠)

Manufactured by 3D Print Texas

The Global Rapid Intervention Package (GRIP℠) not only includes the compact and air-mobile designed Rapid Cap™ plus the air-mobile ‘Top Hat’, but also the necessary manifolds, a variety of debris removal and cutting tools, and wellhead dispersant connectors. Coupled with Boots & Coots’ industry leading Relief Well Service, the development of the Global Rapid Intervention Package (GRIP) demonstrates a step change in subsea response by providing the most rapid response possible.

More Info

Please stop by and visit Halliburton at OTC, booth #2615 and Boots & Coots booth #1500!

CIRCOR Energy Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves

CIRCOR ENERGY is pleased to offer the Series WB (Welded Body) trunnion mounted ball valve.

CIRCOR Energy understands that safety and reliability are non-negotiable for pipeline systems. Our fully welded API 6D ball valves provide the best solution for buried service and above grade applications. Our robust welded body ball valves come standard with Double Piston Seats for added downstream safety, and offer industry-leading performance in reducing leak paths over bolted body valves for buried service pipelines.

The Series WB valve minimizes the number of welds to provide the best solutions for buried service applications. The engineered design also combines maximum strength and proven seat design for total reliability. As a standard offering, the Double Piston Effect seat design has been used for many years and is the preferred design for the pipeline market.

Please visit CIRCOR Energy at this year’s Valve World Americas Expo 2017 at Booth 717!