3D Print Texas - Important Update for our Customers

3D Print Texas is currently in the process of winding down operations. Please find more information below.

3D Print Texas - Closing Statement

We would like to thank our clients for their support over the last 6 years. We will be reaching out to existing clients to notify them and share any files in our possession. All files and client materials will be destroyed or deleted after June 14th, 2021. During this time, we will only be able to print using materials already in-stock. All 3D printing equipment will be available for sale, and a full list can be found by selecting the "3D Printers for Sale" tab in our navigation bar. Please direct any inquiries to info@3dprinttexas.com.

Materials/Technologies Available for New Print Orders:

Polyjet - Full Color, Rubber-Like

FDM - ASA, ABS, Nylon 6, Nylon 12, ULTEM 9085

MJF - No longer available

SLA - No longer available

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Rapid Prototyping

Creating new products doesn't have to be a long, expensive process. Cut your product development time and costs with our rapid prototyping services.
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Product Displays

Before you showcase your project, consider our high-quality finishing options to help your display models look their best.
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Functional Parts

Build functional end-use parts quickly and inexpensively. We offer 4 manufacturing-grade printing technologies and a wide range of materials for any application.
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We serve a variety of industries including healthcare, sports, manufacturing, and oil & gas.
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With 4 unique technologies, we'll help you determine the best process for your project.
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From hearts to industrial equipment, we produce high-quality models tailored to our customers' specific needs. Explore some of our recent projects.