Rigid Opaque

3D print detailed models with vibrant color

Combining dimensional stability and fine detail, Rigid Opaque materials simulate the appearance of production parts, and are even suitable for rapid tooling.

And with Connex3 systems, Rigid Opaque materials come in brilliant colors, from jet black to sunny yellow to shocking magenta, along with hundreds of blended hues.

3D Printing With Rigid Opaque Material

Rigid Opaque photopolymers provide excellent detail visualization in gray, black, white and blue. You can 3D print accurate, attractive prototypes that test fit, form and function, even for moving and assembled parts. You can also produce smooth, accurate jigs, fixtures and manufacturing tooling; the blue shade is ideal for silicon molding.

For the Objet30 Pro, Objet30 Prime and all Eden, Connex, Connex1 and Connex2 3D Printers, the Rigid Opaque Vero family includes:

  • Rigid Opaque white material (VeroWhitePlus RGD835)

  • Rigid Opaque gray material (VeroGray RGD850)

  • Rigid Opaque blue material (VeroBlue RGD840)

  • Rigid Opaque black material (VeroBlackPlus RGD875)

With the Objet500 and the Stratasys J750 you can use Digital Materials to simulate a variety of shades by combining Rigid Opaque white (VeroWhitePlus) and Rubber-like black (TangoBlackPlus) materials.

Brilliant Color

For Connex3 systems, the Vero family also includes:

  • VeroCyan

  • VeroMagenta

  • VeroYellow

  • VeroBlack

  • VeroWhite

This enables Connex3 systems to create hundreds of digital colors, blended right in the 3D printer. You can incorporate as many as 46 vibrant, repeatable rigid colors into one 3D model for unprecedented design freedom. These color materials also blend with VeroClear Transparent photopolymer for beautiful translucent color, and with Rubber-like materials for a range of hues and hardnesses.