Multi Jet Fusion Technology

Durable Nylon printing for production and end-use parts

The Technology

Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) by HP is a relatively new technology that utilizes a process similar to binder jetting to create parts from polymer powder. MJF uses liquid and heat to fuse the powder particles together as opposed to older processes that require a laser to melt the material. To build parts, plastic powder is applied to the print tray and evened out across each layer. Then, the printer heads apply droplets of fusing and detailing agents. The fusing agent forms each layer of the part, and the detailing agent prevents powder around the part from fusing together. Each layer is cured using UV lamps, and the entire print tray undergoes an annealing operation at the end of printing to give parts their full density and strength. Following a cool-down, excess powder is removed after the build to be recycled and reused in later builds. The reduction in waste makes MJF printing a very affordable and economical option.

The Materials

HP Multi Jet Fusion technology utilizes Nylon PA12 powder to provide our most well-rounded material option. Powder not used to print parts can be reused, keeping costs and environmental impacts low. Some of the key features of this material include a high melting point (369° F), great tensile strength and flexural strength, and high elongation at break. Parts are also watertight and can be dyed multiple colors due to the porosity of the powder. PA12 Nylon is resistant to oils, greases, aliphatic hydrocarbons, and alkalies. It is also biocompatible and meets the requirements of USP Class I-VI and US FDA guidance for Intact Skin Surface Devices. For electronics applications, this PA12 Nylon has been UL Blue Card Certified.

General Uses

With Nylon PA12, we can create strong, heat-resistant parts economically and quickly. MJF is ideal for small or medium volume production runs due to the ability to stack parts in the build tray. Some uses for MJF include giveaways, tooling, end-use parts, and threaded models. It is also a good option if your part needs to be watertight or resist a variety of common chemicals. Depending on your project requirements, MJF may be suitable for producing medical devices or parts for electronics.

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