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CIRCOR | Spence Engineering

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Posted: Feb 28, 2019

CIRCOR | Spence Engineering Quality Steam Specialty and Fluid Control Products.

Quality Steam Specialty and Fluid Control Products



The company's manufacturing philosophy and commitment to quality has enabled Spence Engineering to develop and manufacture quality steam specialty and fluid control products that meet the changing demands of today’s heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) applications and industrial sectors.


Normally closed design, Single seat, Shielded main spring, Gas & steam applications, Easy in-life maintenance, Lifetime Warranty against Wiredrawing of Seat & Disc,



Self contained, Spring operated, Normally closed, Packless construction, Fluid, gas & vapor applications, Accurate Regulation Unaffected by service conditions, Easy in-line maintenance PILOT T14.


Type T14


Temperature Pilot cast iron / steel controls 20° F to 500°F Features:

  • Spring Operated
  • Self Contained
  • Normally Open, Direct Operations (Heating)
  • Packless Construction
  • Fluid Gas and Vapor Applications
  • Strainer Screen Built-in
  • Easy in-line Maintenance



  • Storage Heater
  • Jacketed Kettles
  • Vats



Special thanks to the CIRCOR | Spence Engineering team for allowing 3DPTX to 3d print their showcase printed models.

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