Finishing Options

Professional finishes in a variety of colors and textures


Using high-performance automotive paints, color options for your parts are virtually limitless. Our team of technicians will smooth your parts and fill in any gaps to ensure a uniform, ultra-smooth painted finish. We can even make parts look like metal using glossy metallic options. Painted finishes are extremely durable and are a great way to achieve hyper-realistic 3D printed parts.

Clear Coating

Clear coating is a simple option to seal parts and give them a glossy finish. In conjunction with our transparent Polyjet or SLA materials, we can achieve glass-like transparency. These see-through parts can be used to create windows for showing key features or encasing fragile models.


Our HP nylon and SLA parts can be dyed a variety of colors. Dying HP parts makes the surface appearance more uniform and has a wide range of color options. Translucent tinted parts can be created using SLA technology.

3d Printing Service
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