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FDM Materials

FDM 3D printing offers our widest range of materials with 14 thermoplastic options. Our filament is sourced directly from Stratasys and is certified to ensure quality and reproducibility are maximized. We carry a range of materials to meet any need from inexpensive prototypes to durable end-use parts. Materials available:



Nylon 12 Nylon 6 TPU 92A
PC (Polycarbonate) PC-ISO PC-ABS
ULTEM 1010 ULTEM 9085

HP Nylon PA12

HP Multi Jet Fusion technology utilizes Nylon PA12 powder to provide our most well-rounded material option. Powder not used to print parts can be reused keeping costs and environmental impacts low. Some of the key features of this material include a high melting point (369° F), great tensile strength and flexural strength, and high elongation at break. Parts are also watertight and can be dyed multiple colors due to the porosity of the powder. PA12 Nylon is resistant to oils, greases, aliphatic hydrocarbons, and alkalies. It is also biocompatible and meets the requirements of USP Class I-VI and US FDA guidance for Intact Skin Surface Devices. For electronics applications, this PA12 Nylon has been UL Blue Card Certified.

    Polyjet Materials

    Polyjet resins offer the finest detail and widest range of colors with 500,000 unique color combinations available using the Vero line of materials from Stratasys. Vivid colors and transparent materials combine to create hyper-realistic models. When combined with Agilus, a rubber-like material, parts can be assigned a range of Shore A Hardness values. We have the ability to simulate materials from shoe soles to car tires and anything in between.

    For end-use applications, Digital ABS delivers high strength and temperature resistance without sacrificing surface finish. This makes it ideal for molding and tooling applications. Some common uses include injection and blow molds, snap-fit designs, and parts for high temperature environments.

    Rigur is a simulated polypropylene material that can be used to test snap-fit and living hinge prototypes due to improved toughness and flexibility. With improved elongation to failure and multiple Shore A hardness options, Rigur is a superior prototyping material.

    SLA Accura ClearVue

    Accura ClearVue is a polycarbonate-like transparent material that is great for high-clarity applications and highly-detailed parts. With the addition of clear coat, parts printed with ClearVue can achieve glass-like transparency. This makes our SLA material great for lenses or fluid flow models. ClearVue is also great for hobbyists due to the high printing resolution and ease of painting. 

    In addition, ClearVue is an excellent material for investment casting parts. Using QuickCast build settings to create hollow parts, we can make investment casting patterns for molds. ClearVue burns out easily and produces high-quality cast metal parts.

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