360,000 colors

Neutrals and neons, shadows and highlights, textures and gradients  automatically mapped from your design software for photorealistic models.

The New J750 by Stratasys

Meet the world's first full-color, multi-material 3D printer here at 3D Print Texas. The Stratasys J750 3D Printer lends form and substance to your brightest ideas and boldest ambitions with lifelike colors and materials that make uncertainty obsolete.

The first two of its kind in all of Texas.

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Design with clarity

Reliable, consistent colors and intricate color textures all add up to more realistic and convincing models and prototypes.


The combination of clear and colored structures come together to form an accurate educational model of the human body.


Full-color spectrum

Achieve the ultimate in realism through multiple materials, colors and textures, produced in a single operation.


Detail and realism

Precise structural detail and gradual color gradients are combined on this rigid model of the human heart.


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