3D Printed Celeros CUP-BB5 Multi-Stage, API, Barrel Radially Split Pump

This is a lightweight, 3D printed demonstration model of Celeros Flow Technology's CUP-BB5 ClydeUnion Pump. All the pump internals can be withdrawn quickly without disturbing pump alignment or pipework, reducing the time required to maintain the equipment.

The CUP-BB5 is available in two heavy-duty designs: multi-stage diffuser or double case volute, both of which are designed and manufactured to the latest edition of API 610 and API 682. Features include full cartridge withdrawal, optimum efficiency, and the inherent ability to withstand thermal shock. Typical applications include seawater injection, produced water injection, main oil lines, and condensate export.

For more detailed information about the Celeros Flow Technology Clyde Union Pumps and other quality brands - namely, M&J Valve, GD Engineering, Plenty, Copes Vulcan, Dollinger, Airpel, and Vokes - please contact their sales team at Celeros Flow Technology.

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