MOGAS DV-4 Reliable Switching Valve for Delayed Coker Service

ASME 600 – 900 Class: Reliable Switching

MOGAS’ strength is recognized in the harsh environments where reliability, durability, and safety are the foundation of successful plant processes. The DV-4 switch valve features many advantages over the existing ball or plug valves on the market today. Backed by innovative R&D, world-renowned after sales service and a reputation for quality, the DV-4 represents product advancements in delayed coking switching operations.

The 3D printed model below was printed using a blend of Polyjet, FDM, and HP MJF 3D printing. The display model is fully functional and can be disassembled to demonstrate how maintenance can be performed in the field. Special thanks to the entire MOGAS team for allowing 3D Print Texas to build and share their showcase models.


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