3D Printing Technology Revolutionizes the Process of Sculpting Busts

The creation of busts that capture the likeness of people and objects no longer requires subjects to pose for hours and great sums of money. 3D print technology simplifies the process and creates busts that are indistinguishable from those sculpted from clay. The process is composed of 3 efficient steps: scanning the subject, printing the bust, and finishing the bust with bronze.

3D printed busts of local sports personalities and celebrities add excitement to fund-raising events with sculpture quality likenesses that are indistinguishable from busts created by sculptors—and 3D printed busts require far less time and money!

Busts of accomplished leaders in your organizations and in the community are an affordable way to show your appreciation for their contributions. Having them on display for the employees and visitors to see is more impactful that portraits and 3D printed busts are as realistic as those created by sculptors!

Busts of family members are a unique way to memorialize these special relationships. 3D printing technology offers affordable and lasting gifts that people can treasure for a lifetime.

The recent and forthcoming improvements in this technology have revolutionized the art of creating these 3D printed lifelike busts. We’d like to explore your interest and invite you to learn more about our services at www.3dprinttexas.com!

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