GE Blowout Preventer Displayed at OTC

This 3D printed model of a manifold only displays a small component of GE’s new SeaPrime™ - Subsea MUX BOP Control System. The system features a fault-tolerant design that uses smart redundancy to re-configure hydraulic functions while remaining subsea, delivering three times more availability than existing systems.

The fault-tolerant SeaPrime™ I Subsea MUX BOP Control System is designed to increase reliability, simplify maintenance, and prevent costly stack pulls.

SeaPrime I is the first control system to include a reroutable smart redundancy feature that lets contractors continue drilling if critical components of a single POD are not available—reducing BOP downtime and the risk of a POD-related stack pull.

By simplifying access to critical components, utilizing only two pods, and rerouting hydraulic functions within a POD, SeaPrime I delivers three times more availability than existing systems.

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