3DPTX Helps Texas Medical Center Hospitals During the COVID-19 Crisis

Healthcare workers must wear masks all day long while they are on duty. We learned that the masks are causing some ear pain and discomfort. When we started wearing the masks for long periods, the discomfort became obvious, and we worked quickly to design a custom mask adjuster that would eliminate this problem. The ear savers have been welcomed by the health care community and our feedback has been gratifying.

3DPTX ear savers are highly durable, flexible, and adjustable. They can be hung on a hook rather than placed on unclean surfaces-- and can be easily moved off of the face to the neck for those rare moments when masks are not necessary. Best of all, they rest comfortably on the back of the head --without touching the ears. Each ear saver was personalized with the hospital’s name and logo!

To date, 3DPTX has printed and distributed more than 6,000 ear savers throughout the Texas Medical Center to the CHI St. Luke's Health System, Methodist Hospital System, Memorial Herman Health System, Texas Children’s Hospital, Texas Heart Institute, and the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center.

Our 3DPTX team is very proud to have contributed to Houston’s healthcare workers as they dedicate their lives to save ours.

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