3DPTX Provides 3D-Printed Ear Savers for Surgical Masks Amid the COVD-19 Pandemic

The Houston Professional Fire Fighters work in close quarters at their stations. Throughout Houston 4,000 fire fighters are required to wear their masks when they are on duty.

We learned from one of our employees who is a volunteer fire fighter that the masks are causing some discomfort and irritation. In response, 3DPTX designed, printed, and donated 4,000 ear savers.

3DPTX ear savers are flexible, adjustable, reusable, and highly durable. They can be worn around the neck until their next use. These features end the hassle of taking them on and off and reduces the risks of losing them or dropping them on unclean surfaces. Best of all, the masks become more comfortable—no more soreness behind the ears!

3D Print Texas is honored to support our fire fighters who work tirelessly to protect our lives and property with our donation during this time of need.

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