Baby Born with Heart Outside of Body (Ectopia Cordis) Makes History

Audrina Cardenas was born in October 2012 with a rare congenital disease called ectopia cordis, where her heart formed outside the chest. The mother, Ms. Cardenas, was given three difficult options – abort the baby, carry her to term knowing she would die, or have doctors construct a hole in her baby’s chest shortly after birth in an attempt to make room for the heart.

Cardenas decided to carry on with the pregnancy despite low chances of Audrina's survival. Dr. Charles Fraser, one of the nation's preeminent pediatric heart surgeons, has performed numerous complicated surgeries throughout his time at Texas Children Hospital. 3D Print Texas was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to provide Texas Children's Hospital with a 3D-printed model of Audrina’s heart. 

The model was printed in PolyJet technology and included magnets inside the ribs to support detachable features. 

Watch the story here:

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