Conjoined Twin Girls Separated at Texas Children's

Additive manufacturing is gaining prominence in healthcare for producing complex medical models that aid surgeons in planning complicated, life-saving procedures. Thanks to modern digital imaging and modeling software, it is now possible to create high-accuracy 3D models from CT scans, MRI’s, ultrasounds and a variety of other scanning techniques.

Using J750 PolyJet technology, 3D Print Texas enabled Houston physicians to plan for the separation of identical twin girls who were conjoined at their chests and abdomens. From raw scan data of the twins, 3D-printable files were created by cleaning up extraneous or missing information and then converting the files to 3-dimensional geometry. The different anatomical features were separated to allow for unique color assignments to facilitate easy visualization of the complex case. The model was then printed in a single piece with one of our multimaterial J750 printers.

“Houston doctors have successfully separated two identical twin girls conjoined at their chest and abdomen, a procedure so complex it required a multi-disciplinary team of 75 clinicians from eight specialties.

During a delicate seven-hour operation Jan. 13, Texas Children's surgeons divided 13-month-old Anna and Hope Richards, who shared their chest wall, lining of the heart, diaphragm and liver. In addition, they had a large blood vessel connecting their hearts.” – Todd Ackerman, Houston Chronicle (February 13, 2018)

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