M&J Model M-303 Slab Gate Valves

3D Print Texas recently completed a set of 3D printed demo valves for Celeros Flow Technology of their M&J M-303 Slab Gate Valves. The demo valves will be used for sales, marketing and training for internal and external events.

The M&J M-303 Slab Gate Valve is an advanced fabricated body design slab gate valve manufactured and tested to API-6D. The fabricated body allows for a wide selection of material choices. The floating slab gate uses the natural force of line pressure to obtain a dynamically tight downstream seal in high-pressure differential applications. Low-pressure sealing is accomplished with coil springs that energize the seat pushing it against the gate.

These demo valves help their sales teams show and educate their partners and customers on the advantages and benefits of their products/solutions. The fact that the demo valves are lightweight allows their teams to ship around the world at a fraction of the cost of the metal demo valves.

For more detailed information about the M&J M-303 Slab Gate Valves and other quality brands - namely Clyde Union Pumps, Danflo, GD Engineering, Plenty, Copes Vulcan, Dollinger, OFM Services, Airpel, and Vokes - please contact the sales team at Celeros Flow Technology.

3D Print Texas would like to thank the Celeros Flow Technology team for giving our team the opportunity to 3D print their lightweight prototype demonstration valves for sales, marketing, and training purposes.

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