Metso Texas Shredders — Heavy Duty with Intelligent Design

3DPTX is excited to showcase our Stratasys J750 capabilities, with this 3D printed model of an early generation Metso metal recycling shredder. 

This model is a re-creation of a 74 x 104 low top Hammermills International shredder with spider rotor and track-style compression feeder, which has been in operation in Canada for over 40 years. The end customer is justifiably proud of their original shredder, and now they have a model at 1:32 scale to be proud of, too. The model was printed using our Polyjet J750 photopolymer full-color printer to ensure the highest level of detail. The model was printed using a 32 micron layer height and assembled to allow the model to rotate open and closed for better visibility of the shredding chamber. We were able to customize the yellow color to match the customer's request by choosing from one of the roughly 500,000 unique color values available.  

In the years since the original shredder was installed, Metso has continued to lead their industry in innovation and product development. Their current PS Series of shredders include numerous top-of-the-line features and options. The shredding chamber features a removable, pinned front wall for maximum wear life and ease of maintenance. Their newest generation of bottom grates are designed for optimal density and throughput combined with longer wear life. The full PS portfolio of shredders can be equipped with both open disc and spider rotors. Current generation hydraulic and control systems also support reduced downtime, safer and simpler maintenance, and operational excellence.

We at 3DPTX are proud to reproduce Metso’s high standards with our own top of the line technology.

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