HP Multi Jet Fusion

Multi Jet Fusion offers expanded possibilities for 3D printed production parts. Create complex geometries in durable nylon faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.

Parts made from Multi Jet Fusion have:

  • Improved mechanical properties
  • Higher isotropic characteristics
  • Faster turn-arounds

Get to market faster and more efficiently with accurate, highly-detailed parts from Multi Jet Fusion.


Multi Jet Fusion uses a fine-grained PA 12 material that allows for ultra-thin layers of 80 microns. This leads to parts with high density and low porosity, compared to PA 12 parts produced with Laser Sintering. It also leads to an exceptionally smooth surface straight out of the printer, and functional parts need minimal post-production finishing. That means short lead times, ideal for functional prototypes and small series of end-parts.


Standard accuracy
± 0.3% (with lower limit on ± 0.3 mm)

Layer thickness
0.08 mm

Minimum wall thickness
256 x 340 x 360 mm
Dimensions are unlimited as components may be composed of several sub-parts.

Surface structure
Unfinished parts typically have a smooth surface, without visible layers, and a stone-grey color. Multi Jet Fusion parts can be sandblasted and colored/impregnated.