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3D Print Texas is leveraging our advanced 3D printing technologies and experience to help organizations respond to COVID-19

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Unique Challenges, Modern Solutions

The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused shortages of critically needed PPE and other medical supplies. With rapid prototyping, we are able to bridge the gaps and provide solutions for healthcare organizations, first responders, and businesses quickly and effectively.

Surgical Mask Ear Savers:

Step 1:
Secure one side of the elastic ear loop into the right end of the ear saver with the logo facing away from the inside of the mask.

Step 2:
Place the mask over your face and attach the loose elastic ear loop over the ribbed end of the ear saver. Use the inside rib for a tighter fit and the left-most rib for a looser fit. 

Step 3:
To remove, simply unhook the ear loop from the ribbed end of the ear saver and use the hole feature to hang your mask for later use. If you will need to wear it periodically throughout the day, you can slip the mask down and wear it comfortably around your neck!

N95 Ear Savers:

Step 1:
Using a pair of scissors, cut the upper strap in half.

Step 2:
Insert one of the cut ends into the clip. Close the hinge to secure, then repeat on the other end.

Step 3:
Using the bottom uncut strap, pull the mask over your head, placing it over your nose and mouth. Grab both clips and push the male and female knobs together to connect them at the back of your head until secured and comfortable.

Step 4:
To remove the mask, simply pull apart the clips. To keep it handy for frequent use, disconnect the clips and let it drape around your neck -- without having to touch your face!

3D-Printed Ear Savers

Testing different iterations, we have designed a comfortable and adjustable ear saver that can form to anyone’s head. Our ear savers secure the strap on one end of a face mask to make the application quick, and our ear savers can be hanged for easy accessibility. If ordered in bulk, we can also apply a logo or statement on the ear savers to show off a representation of your company.
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Supporting Local Organizations

So far, we've donated over 4,000 ear savers in response to a request from a single station in the medical center. They were so pleased that we agreed to provide for all of the stations in Houston.
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Let's Work Together

Help us help our community stay safe by spreading the word. The more people know about this initiative, the more help and ideas we can gather. If you know of a business or caregiver in need of PPE, please recommend that they submit their requests to us by calling (713) 357-4700 or emailing us directly at

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