3D Printed Functional Parts

High-performance materials and printing technology for end-use parts

Build Functional Parts with Real-World Applications

With certified, engineering-grade materials and printers, we make robust plastic parts for most applications. Avoid expensive tooling for short-run products or build complex geometries that are impossible with conventional methods.

Save Time and Money

Creating tooling for short-run parts or manufacturing complex geometries can be incredibly expensive. With 3D printing, you can avoid long production cycles and unnecessary tooling. We'll help you get your parts to market faster and cheaper using additive technologies.
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We Only Use The Highest Quality Equipment and Materials

We print with certified materials sourced directly from our printer manufacturers. Using high-performance manufacturing machines and materials, we achieve extremely high tolerances and ensure that your parts meet or exceed your requirements.
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Advantages of 3D Printed Functional Parts

  • Impossible Geometries
    Impossible Geometries
    Build parts that are impossible to create with traditional manufacturing, e.g., interlocking parts and internal channels.
  • Variable Density
    Variable Density
    Most parts can be created with different densities to optimize the ratio of weight and cost to strength.
  • On-Demand
    Print parts when you need them without setting up tooling or shifting production resources.
  • Short Production Runs
    Short Production Runs
    Avoid the high up-front costs associated with traditional manufacturing. Make only what you need with no wasted tooling.
See how 3D printed functional parts can help you save money and do more with high-quality robust plastic parts.
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Learn about the end-use applications our clients have found for 3D printed parts. With heat deflection temperatures greater than 400 degrees Fahrenheit and tensile strengths up to 81 MPa, our materials have an impressive array of possible uses.

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