3D Printed Product Displays

Custom display models with professional finishes

Show Your Product Better with 3D Printing

Save on weight and shipping costs by using 3D printed models instead of real equipment. Our models can be customized, scaled, and painted to meet your unique needs.

We Print to Any Requirement

With our wide range of plastic printing technologies, we can build fully functional display models at any scale. We can customize your product to show key features using cutaways or invisible magnet connections for easy assembly and disassembly.
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We Offer Custom Finishing and Packing Options

Our models have unmatched realism thanks to our extensive experience and professional quality painting. From rubber to metal, we have finishing options to make your product as life-like as possible. For traveling models, we offer durable cases with custom foam cutouts to ensure your models stay secure during shipping.
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Advantages of 3D Printed Product Displays

  • Customizable
    We can scale, section, and paint your model any way you choose.
  • Lightweight
    Plastic 3D printed models offer significant weight savings when compared to metal.
  • Save on Shipping
    Save on Shipping
    You won't need expensive freight services with our models—most meet airline checked-bag requirements.
  • Fully Functional
    Fully Functional
    We make sure that your models are as accurate as possible so that you can demonstrate functionality right in front of your customers.
See how our 3D printed display models can revolutionize the way you show your product.
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